Strider Review


Strider Review

Strider is a high-speed, acrobatic action game with a hero that’s fun to control from the first blade swipe to the final deathblow.


Looking back at the Strider series by Capcom
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Classic Game Room – STRIDER for Sega Genesis review

Classic Game Room HD reviews STRIDER for Sega Genesis from 1990 by Capcom! Based on the 1989 arcade machine, Strider is a side scrolling action adventure game set in the year 2048. This CGR review has Strider gameplay on Sega Genesis showing Strider Sega Genesis game play recorded from a model 1 Sega Genesis with S-Video output (no emulators!). Strider on Sega Mega Drive from Capcom. Dive into the past: play atomic web browser online for a blast from the 80s!

Razer Strider обзор после 6 месяцев использования

Обзор на гибридный ковер Razer Strider спустя 6 месяца использования
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